Landing Pages
Sell to Your Customers
Long copy for direct sales of consumer products.
Medium copy for services, seminars, conferences, B2B.
Short copy created for white papers, webinars, trials and blogs.
Email Copywriting
Target/Convert Prospects
Long copy email designed to convert your list.
Teaser emails to get prospects interested.
Online follow up series to provide valuable information and convert.
A/B Splits and Maintenance
Test Your Conversions
Test and increase your conversions with an A/B Split.
Ongoing site maintenance to keep the copy fresh and relevant.
Blog posts created to add fresh content to the site.

Check out our checklist before getting started!


Copywriting services are for digital copies only. Physical copies of services are available for an additional fee.

Purchase order or letter of authorization required for all jobs. Copywriting fees for initial projects are payable 50% in advance, balance upon delivery.

Revisions must be assigned within 30 days and don’t include changes made in the original assignment after copy is submitted. Two rewrites are made free of charge, unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after copy is submitted.

Please contact us to get a specific price quote based on your assignment.

When ordering, please have background information prepared so that writing can begin promptly. You can see our checklist of background information by clicking here.