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Week 9: Create Your High Conversion Sales Letter

This article is part of a 12-week course designed for entrepreneurs who are about to go through a product launch. The course goes through creating a content and social media strategy aimed at predicting and increasing product launch success. If you haven’t already, we recommend starting from the first week and advancing forwards.

We are one week away from launching our product. We’ve worked long nights to get to where we’re at. We’ve built relationships, we’ve created value, and we’ve solidified the authority of our product. But this week we’re wrapping it all together, and creating the sales page so we can start taking pre-orders, and then actual orders.

Pre-Orders vs. Orders

Let’s dissect the main difference between pre-orders and orders. When a customer pre-orders, they are paying in advance to get your product.

Now, unless your product is already in such high demand that you’d be selling out during the pre-order phase, you should provide them with a benefit to pre-ordering. Otherwise, they are pre-ordering to have the exclusivity of getting it first.

But let’s say your product isn’t in as high of demand as you’d like. Providing these new product adopters who will pre-order with an additional benefit is a great way to entice them to pre-order before your launch, and have a customer list already built up.

Enticement is Exciting

Everybody loves to get more for less, which is why outlet malls and bargain stores have boomed in the past 5 years, while regular department stores have plummeted. The psychology behind it is pretty straight forward, and a great book to read about the psychology of marketing is Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

In order to entice our future customers to pre-order a product before it comes out, we want to provide them with a benefit that will make pre-ordering an easier choice.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to let them get their hands on the product earlier than anyone else. It doesn’t require any extra investment in product, and you can quickly start getting product off of your hands in order to purchase more for the next round.

This is also a very powerful way to find out who your product adopters are. Having them on their own email list is a great way to plan towards the future for new product launches in your company.

But there is a possibility of pre-orders being a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’re able to build up your customer list and get product off of your hands… On the other hand, if you have a faulty product, or simply a product that is not up to par with the industry, it can hurt your actual launch. This is something that you should plan for and decide yourself.

The Sales Page

Structuring a sales page can be pretty tricky. Each industry structures their sales pages slightly differently, because they offer different products. The biggest difference when it comes to sales pages is structuring from a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer perspective.

Without diving in too deeply, B2B has a larger emphasis on features of a product or service, while B2C places more importance on benefits.

But both sales pages should contain the same underlying tones.

The first one is the USP (unique selling proposition). There has to be something which separates your product or service from the rest of the industry. This is one of the most influential factors when choosing a product to buy.

Another important aspect is to hold a strong promise throughout the sales page. The reason we want to keep bringing the promise back to the product is because as the prospect reads through the sales letter, it will build a stronger connection in their mind. This is a powerful tactic that many copywriters forget to include.

Remember how we gathered up testimonials last week? Go through the testimonials and make sure to include them in your sales letter. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, you should always have powerful customer reviews which build trust and social proof. Pick out the best, and include them in your sales letter as you see fit. Some copywriters like to include them after the main promise… Others weave them through the copy… And others fortify their sales letter by including them at the end before the call to action.

Here is an important part of the sales process that many copywriters forget to think about… Your actual sales form. Remember, there are two sides to good sales letters. The front-end and the back-end.

The front-end is the sales letter which gets the prospect to click on the “Buy Now” button. The back-end is the sales form where they go through the process of inputting their information, such as address, credit card, and login if necessary.

Don’t think that just because your sales letter converts to the sales form, you have a sale. An improperly formatted sales form can create a huge drop-off rate, which is obviously not good for business.

You can go about creating a powerful sales form in a few ways. First, focus on the formatting. If the sales form is complex, expect to have a higher drop-off rate. There is a reason why huge online retail companies have a one-click checkout option.

Second, if necessary, restate the benefits and promise of the product they’re purchasing in the sales form. Remind them why they’re buying what they’re buying. We’re painting a picture in their mind.

How to Create a Winner

Copywriting is no longer plain text on a page. Sales pages have become a dynamic, interactive part of purchasing products. Good design is essential to creating a well-read sales letter… But at the end of the day, the words on the page will still be the salesmen.

Copywriting is not a process which you can learn overnight by reading a book. It is a process which takes lots of practice to become good at.

If you’re in the midst of a product launch, there isn’t much time for you to learn how to write a sales letter, much less an effective one that converts. At Devore, our main focus is copywriting.

With copywriting as the main focus, we use simple, clean design as the foundation. We work together to create powerful copy that flows with your website, in order to create a seamless experience for the prospect who will soon be a customer.

To be a jack of all trades, is to be a master of none. Don’t rip your hair out at night trying to create a sales letter, because you already know what you’re great at. Converting visitors into customers is what we’re great at, so let us take that stress off of your mind.

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