Creating Videos for Product Launch

Week 7: Use Youtube to Tease Visitors and Build Desire

This article is part of a 12-week course designed for entrepreneurs who are about to go through a product launch. The course goes through creating a content and social media strategy aimed at predicting and increasing product launch success. If you haven’t already, we recommend starting from the first week and advancing forwards.

We are still a few years away from teleporting product samples. (Okay, maybe a few decades… And how genius of an idea is that?) But what is the next best thing? It’s having video for your product.

Before your product launch, you should have a video of your product in action. Preferably multiple videos, all showing off different benefits.

But like anything else in marketing, it is part art, and part science. Product videos can range from a simple hands on, to an overloaded CGI video demonstrating how well your product can float in outer space.

It is all up to you. But it’s better if you research what the successful competitors are doing in your market, then either copy them, or innovate upon what they’ve done.

I believe this is important to note: There is always a chance that you will research what your competitors will do and you will not be impressed by the videos they’ve created for their customers and prospects. If you have a different vision in your head, don’t be afraid to try that out. You never know what will happen unless you try. Plus, if worst comes to worst and your idea doesn’t work out, you can always revert back to the more mundane sample (but who wants to be mundane?).

We Aren’t Video Experts, But We Do Know a Whole Lot About Marketing

I will be the first to tell you that we are not experts at video. (However, we do know a couple agencies that are.) The closest I’ve come to videography was living in Hollywood for a year where I met quite a few interesting people…

But we are pretty damn good at marketing. And I can tell you that there is a difference between video that relies on traditional marketing tactics like benefits and a USP to build desire, and videos that don’t.

Combine that with a clear demonstration and you just might have yourself a winner.

Visual Stimulation Helps Create Desire

It is not enough in this day and age to just rely on the written word. You should have a balance of writing, images, and video. It is important to show the world that your product isn’t some made up idea.

Using video will help relay information past words and images. This will have a powerful effect on your campaign pre-launch.

When creating a video, focus on the benefits during your demonstration. You can go a step further and show how it benefits people in real life by using it with a real person.

Teasing builds desire. Create shorter videos that give just enough, but not more. We don’t want to give away the magic of our product. Syndicate this across your social media, post on your blog, and even send it out to your new journalist friends.

Another important note: If you believe that it will take you a while to get an effective video created, don’t be afraid to outsource it to an agency who specializes in video production. The difference between an amateur and a professionally created video is night and day, and can be the difference between your product going viral or remaining stale. The investment is more than worth the price.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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