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Week 6: How To Put Your Social Media In Overdrive

This article is part of a 12-week course designed for entrepreneurs who are about to go through a product launch. The course goes through creating a content and social media strategy aimed at predicting and increasing product launch success. If you haven’t already, we recommend starting from the first week and advancing forwards.

During the first week, we talked about finding our target persona. Finding our target persona helped set the stage for the rest of the course. But doing this research also included going one step further and finding out what their preferred channel of communication was.

If you have this information, you have a jump start on other businesses who are trying to form their social media strategy.

Just because you’ve researched which avenue of communication they’re more likely to use, doesn’t mean that we are going to disregard other social media platforms. We’re simply placing more emphasis on their favorite one.

So Many Networks, So Little Time

Tons of social networks compete for our time every day. It is no different in business. Unless you have a large army of social media minions, it is better to focus on two or three networks, rather than trying to conquer them all.

The reason for this is simple. If you try to stretch out your time between six networks, rather than having focus on two or three, you will end up with subpar quality.

Instead, master those two or three networks, and learn how they function inside and out. You might have other social networks in your arsenal, but use those as a way to syndicate content and updates.

Build a Reputation

Now that you have your top two or three networks, it’s time to start the process of building a reputation. While each network is different, it all comes down to basic social interaction.

The way we position ourselves on networks is strikingly similar to the way we appeared in grade school. If you were able to befriend the ‘cool kid’, then kids would suddenly drop their guard towards you and position you as a cooler kid as well.

We are able to build authority through our networks in the same way, at least, it is a way to escalate the build. Position yourself in such a manner so that you can collaborate with other people who already have a larger following than you. Doing this can easily shave months of work, and put you in front of a following who is in the same industry as you.

Get the initial collaborations in, and then offer help to people on the network. They invested in you by following or subscribing, so why not invest 3 minutes out of your day for them? This not only helps them out, it also puts you into a powerful position.

There are a couple reasons for this…

First, it shows the world that you know what you are talking about and are not in the business of only taking without giving. Remember how we talked about moving the free line? This is it right here.

Second, it gives you powerful data on what your potential customers are having trouble with, which can inspire or help you shape ideas.

Third, helping them out and giving them an answer which took three minutes to compile can go a long way… Those three minutes can turn a person into a lifetime customer.

Keep Your Audience Updated

Don’t forget that your profile is also about you. While it may sound like common sense, many businesses will either only talk about their products and themselves… Or they will only talk about helping.

As with everything in life, there needs to be an equilibrium. A solid ratio to use is the 4:1 or the 9:1 rule. For every four (or nine, depending on your industry) pieces of helpful content, add one piece of self-promoting content.

No one wants to follow a business online that only talks about themselves. And while many people will follow a business that only helps, don’t forget that at the end of the day you are still a business. It is your job to correctly utilize these networks to benefit both yourself, and the world.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

P.S. Next week we will talk about utilizing Youtube to give your prospects a sneak peek at your product while building desire. In the mean time, follow us on Twitter where we can answer your marketing or copywriting questions. Just mention or DM!

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