Week 12: Never Let Your Customers Grow Cold

This article is part of a 12-week course designed for entrepreneurs who are about to go through a product launch. The course goes through creating a content and social media strategy aimed at predicting and increasing product launch success. If you haven’t already, we recommend starting from the first week and advancing forwards.

The end is here. We’ve launched the product, provided additional value, created support, and now we have a great list.

While this may be the end of one product launch, our next product launch is going to be that much more powerful. As with anything in life, it always helps to have a solid following.

So we’re going to utilize the tactic of “never be closing”. What this means is that once you’ve sold a customer once, why not sell to them again?

As we discussed in the previous week, it is often far smarter to go after your existing customer base, than it is to go and find new customers.

Don’t Let Them Get Cold

You might have the greatest following in the world, but if you let them grow cold, then you won’t have anywhere near the influence you once had.

What does it mean to let your customers grow cold?

After the initial purchase and any support requests, companies often forget about their existing customers. They don’t email them updates, send them additional information, or reach out to them over social media.

They’ve closed the conversion loop on their existing customers. Which means no more additional sales.

But why would we ever want to close the conversion loop? Wouldn’t we want to keep converting our existing customers and continue having them buy our products?

This is why we want don’t want to let our customers grow cold.

So instead, we’re going to keep them updated, whether it’s through email or social media. We want to continue sending them back to our website to see our newest deals or offers…

And then when the time comes for our next product launch, we won’t have a problem sending them to our website… We’ll let them know that we have something special in store for them, and this will be normal. After all, we’ve kept in contact with them all of this time.

Besides being able to convert existing customers over again, you’re also able to continue forming that strong bond. This is the bond that will make a person brand-loyal.

The End.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our product launch content strategy course. Incorporating a content strategy like this is not easy, especially if you are on your own or if you’re working with a few other people. But it’s not easy to change the world either.

We’re all here to benefit society (hopefully), whether it’s through information, new technology, breakthroughs in health, client services, etc…

Remember that marketing is what will position you from good to great. And great marketing always wins.

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Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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