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Week 1: Help! My Product Launch Is Approaching But I Have No Content!

In a perfect world, everything goes according to plan. We write out a list of things that need to get done, and they get done in that order… Every time. We come up with an idea, we test the idea, we build the idea, and sell the idea.

But we live in an imperfect world. Sometimes you can get so caught up with the work that you’ve been putting into your product design and engineering that the other aspects of your business are forgotten.

It’s not that they should be forgotten. It’s quite the opposite. But the fact that urgent things come up on a daily basis, it’s easy to disregard the other important pillars of your business that can turn you into a screaming success.

Disregard these, and your business can come tumbling down the mountain in a screaming ball of flames, like many others have before it.

How do we avoid such an event from occurring?

We need to focus our time on one of the most important aspects of today’s business.

We need to build a solid content and social media strategy. This isn’t to just get the word out there about our product. We create this to keep the word going about our product.

Because… We’re not here to create another hype. We’re here to disrupt how the world works. And that starts out by knowing how to push our product out to the right people, and keep it there.

How Do We Get Started?

The first step in any strategy is research. If you haven’t done this already, you need to start doing it now. And even if you already did this in the past, you should do it again.

Why? Because as we progress in the development of our business, the scope of your target market may change. You might add or remove benefits that would have helped one market, but now disregards another. You should always be up to date on who your product is best targeting.

Your target persona should include the avenues of communication they use. Are they B2B? Are they in the tech sphere? Are they stay at home moms who like to create arts and crafts? Your job is to research which channel of communication your buyer persona is going to use. The channel will be your bread and butter, the majority of your focus should be on this.

Once you define or review your target buyer persona, we can move on to the next part… Creating the strategy we will use in order to reach our exact target market.

Breaking Down the Content Strategy

Certain steps should be taken pre, during, and post product launch. Some of these steps may be difficult, some will be easy. Some will be time consuming, and some will be quick. But they are all equally important to having a successful launch that creates buzz, and keeps the buzz going after the product launches.

It is one thing to create buzz pre and during launch, it is another thing to keep it going post launch. I believe that is the most important part.

This series is broken down into 12 weeks, this being the first week. Each week, we will go over the next crucial step you should take for your content strategy to ensure a successful campaign. Every article in this series will be followed up by a video which will dig even deeper into the process.

Next week, we will go over creating a high converting opt-in page for a very specific part of your target persona: the product adopters. These are your gold, and you should treat them like so.

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Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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