The Headline Agenda: Write Your Success Formula

Last week we talked about how and why certain headlines stand out from others. To read the article click here.

Your headline is your success formula. Without the headline, the prospect would have no way of reading the rest of your content…

Getting the prospect to read then click on the headline is essential for creating sales and conversions.

Remember how headlines in tabloids have the power to make you open up the magazine and start reading? Let’s analyze a few headlines from popular magazines and tabloids…

Business Startups

This is a great headline because it targets people who have been thinking about starting up a business. But what is a person’s biggest obstacle when starting a business? It’s having the capital necessary…

This headline kills off doubts because it tells you right on the cover that there are businesses that can be started for less than 500 dollars… If I was a prospect who wanted to start a business but didn’t have the capital, you can bet that I would open up that magazine and read the article.

It doesn’t end there… They include subpoints which talk about not needing to have experience, allowing you to do it part-time (which is great for people who have a job), and instantly making income.

This headline builds intense desire, and has great form.

This next headline grabbed my attention because it spoke to me (as an avid coffee drinker)…

Caffeine Kick

Anyone who drinks coffee would be enticed to read this… Why? Because it speaks to our problem of drinking caffeine… All of a sudden, this headline comes out with a solution to our problem.

It dispels a myth that has had us plagued for many generations. It doesn’t put caffeine as a culprit, instead it says that caffeine can have it work for us! Notice the emphasis that they put on the word ‘FOR’.

I would open up this magazine and read the article… Happy to know that I can go another day of drinking coffee.

Next up is a headline which would make anyone in the direct marketing industry cringe…

how to make anything

This headline is about as broad as you can go. There is no direct audience which will relate to this, and there is no direct purpose for the audience to relate to.

The only reason this headline will work for this magazine is because it has the distribution of a multi-million dollar company.

It is purposely trying to be broad to the market, because it knows that people will be curious to see what it talks about while they stand in the check out isle.

I would stay far away from creating a headline like this. It is more for branding than anything else.

Be direct and be precise. Here are a few more headlines for you to look over and decide for yourself.

hunger headline

look 10 pounds slimmer headline

budget dressing

social cure

Headlines can take a variety of forms and be successful. It all depends on the type of content you’re writing. Next time you’re at the store, look at the magazines and try to distinguish great headlines from just ‘meh’ ones.

In the next Headline Agenda, we will talk about the four factors you should include in order to create an influential headline which makes people take action.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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