Don't make your headlines like this.

The Headline Agenda: Vanilla is the PROBLEM

The internet is an overload of information. Every day we are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of call-to-actions, headlines and advertisements…

When it comes to headlines, what will separate yours from everyone else? Getting the person to click on a headline and read it, is a feat few marketers can achieve.

In copywriting, a headline is by far the most important part of the message. Not only does it create the incentive for the person to click… But a good headline keeps a prospect reading to the second line, and it creates a theme for the rest of the copy.

However, more often than not, a headline is the last thought when writing an article or piece of copy. It should be the other way around.

So how do we create eye grabbing headlines which build curiosity to click?

Strategy and Execution

Just like we learned in grade school, we should have a thesis for what we plan to write about… If we don’t, then the copy or article will not contain the flow that makes it easy to keep reading.

How will your prospect benefit from the writing? Finding out this step, will make it much easier to create an effective headline.

Once you find out the benefit of the article you plan to write, you can start forming headlines. But how do you create an eye-grabbing and curious headline?

I do not believe that it is enough to talk about “The top 5 ways to…” anymore. The internet is saturated with ‘Top 5’ lists and that will not be enough for your headline to stand out.

The benefit of ‘Top 5’ lists is clear. It provides information and a direct benefit to what the prospect will gain if they continue reading. But when there are multiple lists on every page you click on, the ability to be eye-grabbing turns into a blur. We don’t want that.

In this era of vanilla headlines (i.e. all headlines are the same), there is risk in creating a headline which will stand out. Be daring, be creative with the headline. Would you rather click on a headline that is a top 5 list, or a headline that calls out a common mistake?

Your curiosity will drive you to click on the headline which calls out a problem.

Effective headlines work the same. When you’re standing in line at the grocery store, look at how tabloids form daring and provocative headlines which build on your curiosity. It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing entertainment or information, but having an edge in your headline will generate powerful results.

Next week, we will be discussing how to form the headline. Add your name and email below to get a one-on-one consultation with me where we can discuss headline creation. It’s free.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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