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Serious Internet Marketers Choose Agencies Over Independent Contractors

While many info products and gurus might tell you that Internet marketing is a way to easy street, the reality is that Internet marketing is a full time occupation. This is especially true for those of us who have a large list to manage, as well as multiple blogs and products. So what is the reason a serious IMer chooses an agency over an independent contractor when it comes to copywriting?

As an agency, we take care of all the busy work for you. This means staying on top of the copywriter to produce the work, as well as quality control to make sure everything is on track. Taking even an hour out of your day to do this yourself is a large expenditure of time, and most of us simply don’t have that.

As a structured agency, our responsibility is to get you the copywriter which will best fit the needs for your project. High quality control and communication with the copywriter is what differentiates Devore from other IM agencies. And we only focus on one main service, copywriting.

Our core belief is that it is better to be great at one thing, than to be just good at a variety of skills. And it’s easy to get started too. You can contact us through email or Skype, and we will call you within the next few hours. We have a specifically created checklist for you to go through, so that we can receive all the materials we need.

Save your time, remove hassle, and make more money while you’re at it. Isn’t that what Internet marketing should be all about? Add your name and email below, for a free one-on-one consultation to double, triple or even 5x your sales.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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