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Rethink Your Disruptive Marketing Tactics

We live in a new era of business. Businesses no longer work the way they did, and conventional marketing strategies have shifted towards new tactics. But there are still many companies who follow conventional marketing techniques in order to reach new customers…

This has become highly inefficient.

What I’m talking about is known as disruptive marketing. This is the type of marketing where you as a business go out and try to find prospects.

As the internet has come around, tactics like advertisements, cold calls, cold emails and other forms of marketing have started to die down. It’s not because they don’t work… They still do. But people have become desensitized to such tactics.

After being bombarded every day with banners, commercials, billboards and the like, we’ve learned to ignore them. Any prospects you do gather from such forms may also not be completely targeted, and that means less profit.

But over recent years, new forms of marketing have emerged which have been proven to work in the 21st century. This form of marketing is better known as inbound marketing, a term popularized by the website

This type of marketing is not disruptive, and in fact creates much better returns on investment than the former.

Inbound marketing is based on the idea of creating valuable content and giving away information to find prospects. It gives people a reason to search for you, and is much more powerful when it comes to social signals and the viral effect.

Why is this so much more effective?

The Internet has propelled us into an information-based society. We seek information, and we expect it to be free.

If you are a company who hides all of its information and knowledge from prospects, those prospects will have a hard time giving you their trust. You will also lose the ability to distinguish yourself from the competition by providing the world with unique and useful information.

However, when you are a company who shares knowledge with the world… Prospects will come to you because they will be actively seeking out new information.

Proactive prospects are by far the most targeted prospects because they already know what they are looking for. It is up to you to decide how you convert them into paying customers.

For example, it is one thing to create an advertisement of a ‘cupcake in a jar’ and place it in front of untargeted leads. You will get people who are impulsive and go “WOW!”

Yes, they will buy one from you, but how guaranteed are they to buy from you again when it wasn’t their intention to do so in the first place?

Now, let’s consider a prospect who is proactively seeking for a cupcake in a jar. They stumble on a video which you’ve posted, showing how you create these cupcakes and all the different types of flavors you carry. Voila, they have found what they’re looking for. A person with the desire to seek something and buy it once, is much more certain to buy again. This is of course, as long as you carry a quality product.

This is not meant to discourage you from using traditional marketing tactics… You should certainly incorporate both. But, you should consider how many resources you are allocating to each type, and find out which type of marketing provides you with a better return on investment… Not just from one visit, but for the lifetime of the customer.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

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