Content creation versus conversion creation

Fundamental Shifts: Content Creation vs. Conversion Creation

Something struck me today. You can call it an epiphany, a revelation, whatever.

My partner and I were working early Sunday morning, and there was a moment where he told me “Well, this is disheartening.” He was referring to the numerous amounts of posts on various forums which were seeking writers for pennies on the dollar.

As someone who has been in Internet marketing for over half a decade, this was no surprise to me… But for the first time in my life, I realized what was happening.

There is a gap occurring in the industry. The gap is based on creation. Back in the day, you could rank a website by throwing up posts with little or no quality, as long as you had a good amount. You could get these posts written up for 5 dollars by someone overseas on a freelancing website. And while you can still do the same thing today, there is a fundamental shift occurring in the industry.

There is no such thing as quantity over quality anymore.

Search engines have gotten smarter, they will no longer rank a website based on the amount of content you have up. And while search engines are seeking for websites built from value, there is something so much more fundamentally important… The visitor.

People who are looking to buy cheap articles for a few dollars are either running a content farm, or are trying to rank their website using conventional backlink methods. But either way, they are doing themselves a disservice.

If you are running a business, every single piece of content you put out is a reflection of that business. If you choose to go the cheap route, then that will be a representation of your business. You spent 5 dollars trying to move your business forward, but it has more potential to end up harming your business.

Let’s say that a possible prospect somehow finds that article, sitting on a content farm. There would be no point in writing an article without having a backlink to it, unless it’s already on your website. Either way, that article is now connected to your website. As a prospect, you may try to read the article. Chances are that it is generic content which has little or no value to a prospect’s search. Lots of cheap articles also contain a myriad of grammatical and spelling errors which are not always proofread.

But if you’re running a business, and you connect that generic content to your website, what if they happen to click and visit your website? Your website would instantly have less authority in their eyes, and there is no chance that they would choose you over someone else.

Now, that cost of the article has increased from 5 dollars, to 5 dollars plus the lifetime cost of the customer. Not only that, but potential referrals, social media references, and overall increase in viewership will never occur due to that prospect not choosing your business.

How much would that be worth to you and your business?

Marketing is changing, quickly. People realize this more and more every day. Business owners and content managers are no longer looking for the quick cheap fix. They know that it will cost them a lot more in the long run. Nowadays, content has evolved from simply “content” to conversion material.

Yes, it is more expensive on the front end… But on the back end, it can easily pay for itself many times over. Not only that, but it builds value and trust in your brand, and there are few things more important than that when running a business.

Gone are the days of huge content farms with useless, rehashed information. Companies who once had a business model which focused on outsourcing content overseas are disappearing. And a new level of business and marketing is quickly emerging.

These businesses understand the fundamentals of marketing, and how every single word has an impact on their brand. They refuse to publish material which is subpar, because it is a reflection of themselves. Larger budgets are being allocated to conversion material, because they understand how well it works.

If you’re running a business, then don’t fall into the trap of going cheaper in the short-term, because it will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. The market has changed. If you’re ready to change and adapt your business to the new era, you can contact us by clicking here. Our main focus is creating quality material that transforms conversions into lifetime customers.

Here’s to your success,
Richard Akhmerov

P.S. Since the start of Google “Zoo” updates, content farms have become a type of misnomer. But I used them in this article as a way to get my point across for why people could potentially be using these low quality articles.

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