Our Recommended Checklist

While not necessary, we highly recommend you have most or all of these items prepared before we get started. This will not only save you time, but it will remove the need to keep contacting you over and over again. We would rather let our copywriters get to work on your project.

Please submit them in a .pdf or .doc/.docx form if possible. Submissions can be done through email or Skype. Thank you!


What services are you looking for?
What is your desired length?
What is the purpose of this work? (e.g. generate sales, build awareness, build brand, announcements, etc.)
What is your deadline date?

Please include as much information as possible on the following:
-Previous Ads
-Article Reprints
-Press Releases
-Internal Memos
-Technical Papers
-Key Selling Points

Basically, it’s up to you to send what you believe is appropriate. If you believe that background information on the product will drive the point home, then include more of that. It is okay to be flexible with the material.

Ready to get started? Skype with us or send us a message.