Who Are We?

Devore is all about simplicity and creating results for you. We are leading the change in how ad agencies operate by cutting out huge, unnecessary overhead costs. What does this mean for you? This means that you can get remarkable, effective copywriting for much less. We are a hybrid copywriting agency located in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard Akhmerov, Co-Founder

I consider myself an innovator with an eye for simplicity. Every day, life gets more and more confusing, challenging and complex. Unfortunately, this has started to rub off on advertising, which should be the complete opposite. Advertising which doesn’t confuse, but instead clearly communicates its message, is the most effective form of advertising. When I co-founded Devore, I remembered to stick to the roots of great advertising, and focus on communicating with the prospect, rather than confusing them.

I started out as an internet marketer while I was graduating high school, and since then have been involved in a variety of businesses… These ranged from small websites to importing products from China and branding them. As the years went by, I found marketing to be the one aspect of business that I was most interested and passionate about, and I understood that all solid and profitable businesses are built off of great marketing.

Will Barosko, Co-Founder

I started out in IT consulting, solving problems for clients with technology needs. I quickly grasped the concept of working in a client-based service, and learned along the way that if I can save time and money, while going beyond what was requested, the relationship would turn into a success.

I believe that the same applies to any client-based business, and that is my number one goal with the clients of Devore. If I can go beyond helping you achieve your marketing goals, while saving you time and money, then we will both generate huge success. Maintaining a profitable, synergetic relationship with clients is what I strive for, and a key concept at Devore.



How Do We Operate?

Our goal is to find highly qualified and effective copywriters to write for your next project. Using our sources, we scope out a copywriter with past experience, who is reliable, and has knowledge in your field. We are basically taking on the risk for you to handle all operations with the copywriter.

Our Communications Are Different

How so? We understand that time is the most precious resource available. And the way you expend the energy in the given amount of time you have is what matters most. This is why we follow instant communication. If you have a question, want to change something, give additional specifications, or basically anything else, then we will incorporate it into the project immediately.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Business is shifting more and more every day into an educational based system. A business that can educate its prospects is also the business that will convert them into customers. Learn how new marketing strategies can position your business in the industry. Click here to get started.